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Employment Opportunities at CHOICES

Clinician Position Opening 1/21/2019

CHOICES is an outpatient mental health program in State College, PA that specializes in the treatment of trauma in individuals across the life span as well as the resolution of trauma within families.

We have an opening for a clinician to join our strong team. This opening starts as a part-time position as credentialing and paneling with insurances (assisted and facilitated by CHOICES Administrative Team) occurs and morphs into a full time position with all of the benefits and training opportunities we provide for our committed staff.

The eligible candidate would have an Masters Degree in either Social Work, Professional Counseling or Marriage and Family Therapy and would be licensed (LSW, LCSW, LPC, LMFT) to practice in the state of Pennsylvania. Social workers holding an LSW are encouraged to apply as we offer clinical supervision toward the LCSW license as part of the Employee package.

Upon reaching fulltime status benefits we provide are the following:

  • 12 days of paid vacation
  • 10 days of paid personal/sick days
  • 8 paid holidays
  • Health, dental and vision insurance (CHOICES pays 60%; Employee pays 40%)
  • Options for short and long term disability insurances are also an option
  • Flexible autonomous scheduling other than required agency meetings
  • Regular ongoing clinical consultation for all clinicians and clinical supervision for LSWs trying to obtain the LCSW
  • Every Clinician gets trained in numerous evidenced based trauma treatments such as Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing; Internal Family Systems, Trauma Focused CBT and others. Options for certification in these modalities are also offered.
  • Membership in the Association of Trauma Treatment Specialists (ATTS) as well as support toward becoming a certified trauma specialist.
  • Four In-service trainings per year providing at least 24 continuing clock hours toward licensure.
  • Reimbursement for licensure application and one additional professional membership (ACA, NASW, etc.) every other year.

This is an opportunity to experience and learn in a compassionate caring professional environment that seeks to keep a sometimes tenuous and fragile balance between professional and personal arenas.

IF you are interested in learning more or want to apply for this position please email Dr. Lois A. Ehrmann at and include your questions or your resume and cover letter.